Team Building Cooking - Collaboration & Conversations

Our Culinary Team Building programs are interactive in nature to better build team relationships through food, and the power of play. Cooking reveals the power of ‘self’ and team. Through a variety of tasks with deadlines, creates the value in team communication, collaboration, trust, and acceptance.

Too Many Cooks

(3 Hours)

Our very popular, ‘Too Many Cooks’ program is a three hour, hands-on cooking experience. Whatever your objective, the outcome is how food and social interaction can reveal much about ‘self’ and ‘team’. Cooking together is a playground for often a much needed downtime to play, collaborate and celebrate. If you’re a novice cook or a seasoned gourmet, your contribution will never go unnoticed. You may be shocked to find your colleague is a seasoned baker and drives a motorcycle. So, if you’re a novice cook or a fearless gourmet, your contribution counts. Someone has to crack the eggs! The program starts with our ‘Who am I?’ as a food ingredient icebreaker. Then, with much enthusiasm, the race to cook is in full throttle. A three course meal and fresh baked bread are prepared by your team and celebrated at the table. A recipe for success by all.

(Minimum 6-300+ Participants)

Culinary Team Building Vancouver
Culinary Team Building - Iron Masters of Fettuccini

Iron Masters of Fettuccini

(3 Hours)

If you’ve never made pasta, now it’s time to try. All you require are eggs, flour, and oil to master the art of pasta making. Your team is in for an adventure for bragging rights to claim title to the Master of Pasta.

What’s pasta without sauce? Your group will rock paper scissors for a choice of three traditional Italian sauces. All teams are judged by our Chef for presentation, flavour, and team spirit!

(Minimum 15-300+Participants)

Auction Your Recipe

(3 Hours)

It’s not every day a team building event is facilitated by an auctioneer! This unique group experience promises to stir up a vortex of competition, energy, and excitement. The Auctioneer runs the auction, and the Chef oversees the cooking.

With ballots in hand, the auctioneer presents images of each of the recipes for bidding. The team with the highest bid gets their choice of recipe to prepare. An unbelievable and memorable cooking activity.

(Minimum 80-200+Participants)

Auction Your Recipe - Culinary team building activities Vancouver

Westcoast Kitchen Party

(3 Hours)

A truly Westcoast cooking adventure is perfect for groups looking for elements of catering and team building all wrapped in one. The perfect formula for a casual atmosphere connecting with peers.

There’s true happiness around basting Lamb on a Spit, Shucking Oysters, and making Bread. Whether Seaside or Mountain View, this interactive culinary program is suited well for Conference and Meeting evening out. Vancouver and Whistler best choice of venues.

(Minimum 12+Participants)