Community Cooking

Cooking together sustainable and local meals for community is a chance to team build for a united cause. An opportunity to build ovens, harvest for others and participate in an activity with your teams. Some of the community culinary programs are first time experiences, which are not only educational but also satisfying.

Harvesting at the Farm –


(3 Hours)

Getting dirt under your fingernails makes for a well deserved community meal with your hand harvesting your team’s sustainable local ingredients right at the farm.

Starting with fresh scones and coffee, your team will participate in farm duties. Duties include feeding the pigs, harvesting the lettuce, and watering the gardens. Here are just some of your team’s efforts on the farm, in the spirit of community.

You won’t go home with an empty stomachs. The reward of your efforts will be prepared by your team and celebrated at the table.

(Minimum 15+Participants)

Soup and Bread for a Cause

(3 hours)

It’s a collaborative effort to conjure up pots full of soup and freshly made bread. Groups break into teams and collectively decide which ingredients will go into a tasty and nutritional soup. There’s no lack of local vegetables and soup bones for a hearty soup along with a plethora of flour and seeds for the bread.

A cacophony of chopping, sautéing, and kneading heats up the kitchen. An all out group effort cooking, for those less fortunate. The finale is a visit from a local community soup kitchen. Then your time to eat and celebrate your efforts.

(Minimum 10+Participants)

Build a Pizza Oven

(6 Hours)

How do you turn a pile of earth, mud, straw, and bricks into a wood-fired pizza oven in a matter of hours? Embark on a community and sustainable project that will fire up your team.

Starting with baked scones and coffee, our facilitators will share their skills building a wood-fired cob oven. Activities include garden field harvesting, planting and cob building. Finish off making your favourite pizza and fruit crisp. Then time to share a meal well deserved.

(Minimum 15+Participants)