My Rhubarb Story


Unless I’m forgetting a pivotal rhubarb-related incident from the wilds of my childhood, I do not hold any nostalgia-based predilection for it. Not an ounce, not an iota.

I can’t recall my first taste of rhubarb. I can’t even tell you, in a tone with longing evidence, of the time I had a certain dish that changed my life forever because of its rhubarbed glory.

When I opened my catering business, I was excited to jump on the Rhubarb wagon and played with different recipes until I scored my own perfect concoction. Soon after that, I served roast pork loin with a combination of Rhubarb and Apple chutney at a wedding. One of the guests asked for my business card. That guest was a buyer for Safeway, a large grocery chain. Not soon after my Rhubarb Apple Chutney got ‘listed’ and was on the grocery shelves in Western Canada. How cool is that!

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