Outdoor Cooking

Getting outdoors in the spring and summer offers a multitude of creative food activities. Always fun, social, and energetic. It’s always a relief to get out of the office and connect with your peers mountainside or seaside, and preferably, near a BBQ. The world outside is your oyster!

‘Meat You’ at the BBQ

(3 Hours)

There’s nothing closer to one’s heart than the smell of smoke on the meat grilled on the BBQ. Each corporate team is supplied with similar ingredients to hustle a signature style BBQ meal to contribute to the rest of the group.

A sneak peek at the ingredients includes assorted meats, duck fat, and spices for rubs. Add to that, Fruit, Cabbage, Veggies, Potatoes and Granola. Before the time is up you must sing a signature theme song to the whole group. A finger licking good experience.

(Minimum 20+Participants)

Corporate Team Building Activity - ‘Meat You’ at the BBQ
Corporate Team Building Activity Vancouver

Foodie on the Run

(3 Hours)

If your team is searching for an energetic, fun interactive adventure, you’re in for an extraordinary culinary experience with a twist. With a backpack, clipboard, and a few kitchen tools, each team will set off armed with food inspired clues. How fast will your team reach each pit stop?

Whenever there’s food and drink involved, there is a positive willingness to be curious. Teams will make deals for clues with Fish Mongers, Cheese Makers, and Chocolateurs and Brewmasters.

Come with an empty stomach to taste all that is salty, sweet, sour, and spicy.

(Minimum 10+ Participants)

Build a Pizza Oven

(6 Hours)

How do you turn a pile of earth, mud, straw, and bricks into a wood-fired pizza oven in a matter of hours? Embark on a community and sustainable project that will fire up your team.

Starting with baked scones and coffee, our facilitators will share their skills building a wood-fired cob oven. Activities include garden field harvesting, planting and cob building. Finish off making your favourite pizza and fruit crisp. Then time to share a meal well deserved.

(Minimum 15+Participants)

Team Building Vancouver - Build a Pizza Oven
Team Buidling Activities: Butter Bacon challenge

Butter Bacon & Breakfast

(3 hours)

Where there’s back bacon and butter, there’s a willingness to track down your ingredients, if that’s what it takes. The reward is delicious and worth its weight in breakfast.

Your group convenes at a specified location in a Vancouver park. The group splits into teams and each given a backpack, bike, and rubber boots. Inside the pack are kitchen supplies and equipment vital to getting the next clue.

There’s a twist to this outdoor cooking activity best kept secret for now until the grill is HOT!

(Minimum 15+Participants)

Westcoast Kitchen Party

(3 Hours)

This truly Westcoast cooking adventure is perfect for groups looking for a catered event with only bite-size team building elements. The combination of cooking, conversing, and relaxing, is the perfect formula.

There’s true happiness around basting Lamb on a Spit, Shucking Oysters, or making Bread. Whether it’s seaside or mountain view, try this program on for size. Conference and meetings suit best. Vancouver and Whistler best choice of venues.

(Minimum 12+Participants)

Westcoast Kitchen Party
Harvesting at the Farm - Team Building

Harvesting at the Farm  – NEW!

(3 Hours)

Getting dirt under your fingernails makes for a well deserved community meal with your hand harvesting your team’s sustainable local ingredients right at the farm.

Starting with fresh scones and coffee, your team will participate in farm duties. Duties include feeding the pigs, harvesting the lettuce, and watering the gardens. Here are just some of your team’s efforts on the farm, in the spirit of community.

You won’t go home with an empty stomach. The reward for your efforts will be prepared by your team and celebrated at the table.

(Minimum 15+Participants)