Leader of the Pack Cooks

Food and cooking is a solid platform for building a fun and deeper understanding of your peers.

When my clients are busy chopping onions and sauteing garlic, I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to catch a glimpse of the various shades of company culture. It takes a special kind of leader with unique competencies and skills to successfully build and lead a well oiled team.

When I facilitate team cooking programs, I enjoy watching business leaders engage and have fun with their team. It’s those moments that I see the makings of a high performance group, worth their weight in gold. Sadly on the flip side, there are corporate team leaders not engaged or worse yet, not participating. Trust me, their team notices.

Other than my commitment to deliver on my client’s objective, everyone is on the same level, and no one gets special treatment. The message is simple, if ‘you burn, you learn’.


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