Corporate Cooking with Teams – out of my comfort zone

I’ve always been an entrepreneur since I first made an impressive net profit selling on the street corner of my childhood neighborhood. After that, I realized working for someone else might not be an option. My intuition told me I should try my hand at running my own catering business. However, I didn’t have the courage in my cooking to explore the possibilities. I was out of my comfort zone until I was asked to cook for an upcoming party. It was now or never.

I encourage anyone to give permission to yourself, to take more chances. What the heck! For me, thirty five years later, I’m running a culinary team building business in Vancouver. There isn’t a day that goes by where I’m taking a mental note of what I need to take action on that’s uncomfortable.

When my corporate clients are cooking with their peers, some  participants feel intimidated in the kitchen. But in my kitchen, you have no choice. You have to cook. A couple of examples include, one team being tasked to prepare the perfect souffle and the other team to make bread. There was a risk in whether the souffle would rise or fall, but making a concerted effort and being confident in trying is what’s important.

I believe life’s too short. We’re all in charge of our decisions and our actions. We must live and learn by them.

I hope everyone reading this blog, goes out of their comfort zone, as much as possible. You’d be surprised what you can do, if you do it!



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