Meetings in the Kitchen

Unique Ideas for Meeting Venues

As Vancouver’s culinary ‘mobile’ team builder, we’re constantly on the lookout for great venues to deliver our cooking programs. At the end of a long day’s meeting, cooking a meal as a team is the perfect formula to end the day. A fun and energetic cooking activity that engages everyone. Not to mention a great meal celebrating the efforts of all.

We’re thankful to have access to this beautiful kitchen and meeting room in South Burnaby. The capacity caps at forty and offers AV services.


The Hum of Coffee Noise

Any successful company knows that a happy and satisfied employee is one of the keys to having more satisfaction in their job. In realizing that, clearing the cobwebs by getting the outside the office can be the ticket to  a more creative and effective way to get things done.  

For example, a change in environment might land you inside a coffee house. Although, drinking an excess of coffee can give you the jitters, its a proven way to focus in tasks that might have been put on the bottom of their ‘to do’ list for a long time.