12 Reasons to Cook with your Team


1. Who cares if you can’t cook!

‘I don’t know how to make puff pastry, but I’m good at cracking eggs.’
‘Either way, I’m not judged.’

2. No one is the Boss

‘Being in control is difficult while I must stand over my toffee sauce.I will depend on my team to make their own decisions.’

3. Lines of Communication and Collaboration

‘Our bread is in the oven. How can we help another team cut onions or do the dishes?’

4. Celebrate Projects

‘We had fun coming together to cook a meal together, after our all day meeting to cook together’. Better than sitting in a restaurant.’

5. Team Spirit + Healthy Competition

‘We forgot to add the eggs to the cake. It tasted awesome anyway. ‘Let’s admit they were  better cooks than us.’

6. Critical Thinking & Time Management

‘Should we read through the recipes first? Make the brownies or steam the asparagus? We only have 90 minutes!’

‘No secrets in the kitchen. Disorganized..Focused..Excited?’

7. Observations on Behaviour

8. Building Stronger Relationships

“Making scratch pasta with you gives me the chance to get to know you better”

9. Appreciate and Respect Peer’s Skill Set

‘Thank God you know how to make a hollandaise sauce that doesn’t break.’

10. Change Management

‘Preparing Lemon Cheesecake, then asked to stop midway and move to the Carrot Ginger Soup station.’

11. Go with the flow

‘I think we should make scalloped potatoes instead of garlic mash.’

12. The Tall Order Team offers custom cooking activities across Canada.

 ‘Last year a BBQ cook off in Vancouver. This year pasta making in Calgary